Audition Cuts

Audition Cuts

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Find the Perfect Materials for Your Audition or Performance

Nail It with Custom Arrangements in 16-bar, 32-bar, and Full-Song Formats

Available in 16-bar, 32-bar, and full-song formats, our Audition Cuts are professionally re-envisioned to showcase your talent. Our music directors and professional arrangers hand select the most compelling phrases and sections of each piece, then rework it all creatively to show off your range, interpretation, and personality while staying true to the original song. 

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Title Artist Notation Price
Both Sides, Now Joni Mitchell Piano Vocal

Somewhere Only We Know Keane Piano Vocal

Skinny Love Birdy Piano Vocal

Over The Love Florence + The Machine Piano Vocal

Mr. Curiosity Jason Mraz Piano Vocal

Never Let Me Go Florence + the Machine Piano Vocal

I've Got This Friend The Civil Wars Piano Vocal

I'm Yours Jason Mraz Piano Vocal

Bird Set Free Sia Piano Vocal

Barton Hollow The Civil Wars Piano Vocal

Are We There Yet? Ingrid Michaelson Piano Vocal

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11 Item(s)


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